Huevos Rancheros Plate

You don’t have to be a ranch-hand to appreciate the down-home, authentic goodness of our Huevos Rancheros Plate. We take two Jumbo Eggs and prepare them over-easy then serve them on top of our fresh Corn Tortillas along with a side of our famous Rice and Beans.


Chilaquiles Plate

Our Chilaquiles Plate includes our savory Corn Tortilla Casserole mixed with our homemade salsas and topped with shredded Mexican cheeses. If you’ve never tried Chilaquiles, prepare for a treat! To round out this delicious meal we also include a side of Rice & Beans.


Huevos a la Mexicana Burrito

Our Huevos a la Mexicana Burrito is an authentic Mexican breakfast. Featuring our delicious Scrambled Eggs, sauteed Onions, fresh Cilantro and hand picked Chile Serranos, this burrito is a perfect way to start your day!


Chorizo and Egg Burrito

Sometimes you need a little extra zing in your breakfast. Our Chorizo and Egg Burrito is stuffed with fluffy Scrambled Eggs, melted Cheddar Cheese and spicy, authentic Chorizo Sausage. If this doesn’t wake you up, nothing will!


Bacon and Egg Burrito

Take a hearty, traditional breakfast meal and wrap it in one of our oversize flour tortillas and what do you get? Our famous Bacon and Egg Burrito! This burrito contains all you need in a breakfast entree: sizzling Bacon, fluffy Scrambled Eggs and delicious melted Cheddar Cheese!


Chile Relleno Plate

Do you crave something a bit different? If so, you may be ready to try our amazing Chile Relleno Plate! We take the finest Chile Paseo chilies, stuff them with gooey Monterey JackĀ  Cheese and fry them up while you wait. The end result is served up on a plate with Rice and Beans . You’ll never forget your first …


Street Tacos

Sometimes you just need a little snack to keep you going through the day. Our plate of three authentic Mexican Street Tacos, featuring your choice of Meats, fresh Cilantro and Onion or Lettuce and Cheese, are easily eaten on the go so you can eat your lunch and still stay ahead of schedule!


Taco Combo Plate

The Taco Combo Plate is often called “the perfect lunch” by our customers. We take two oversized taco shells and fill them with Your Choice of Meat, Lettuce and Cheese or Cilantro and Onions and a dollop of Guacamole. Served alongside our famous rice and beans, this is one plate you won’t want to share.


Cheese Quesadilla

If you’re in the mood for something a little more basic, our Cheese Quesadilla features our savory Mexican cheese blend melted between two of our fresh flour tortillas.


Meat Quesadilla

For our Meat Quesadilla we take your choice of meat, mix in our Mexican cheese blend and then melt it all together between twos fresh flour tortillas. Whether you prefer Carne Asada, Chicken, Carnitas, Chile Verde or Chicken Chipotle, our Meat Quesadillas will be a meal to remember!